Sarah Lange

I was filled with joy as I waved to the children coming to greet us, and their laughter flooded into the van as we drove down a bumpy dirt road. An elderly woman, who took her bundle off her head so she could shake our hands and thank us, brought a  smile to my face. Then the overwhelming sadness and helplessness hit when we saw a child at the clinic that we could not help; we could only pray over him and his mother, wishing we could make everything better and do more than wipe away her tears. There’s the peace you feel when you take a crying baby boy into your arms, the crying ceases and he looks up at you with deep brown eyes – only to have the peace taken away abruptly as you are told his parents are dead and he’s an orphan.

I want you to know these moments and experiences because they have changed me. They have made me a better person and helped me to grow in my faith. They have brought me to the knowledge and comfort that God has been at every one of these moments. He is the Father to the fatherless and the ultimate Healer. He has comforted me, and I know that He is with all the people, young and old, that we have seen and met.

Sarah Lange – Baylor ‘10

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