Straw to Bread’s efforts in farming are made possible by the intelligence, kindness, and strength of Charles Tei. Charles is a local agricultural expert who received a diploma in agriculture after two years of study in Kenya. For several years, he has volunteered his time to help guide, execute, and lead the various Straw to Bread efforts in agriculture. In 2009, he helped lead the tree-planting effort, hiking hundreds of kilometers to every BH member home. In 2012, he was instrumental in conceiving the Bethlehem Home Academy Garden. That summer, he managed the construction of that garden, and he continues to monitor its success throughout the year. In the next few years, Charles added two more large gardens to expand the work of Bethlehem Home. Charles farms his own land on the lower slopes of the plateau where he lives with his wife and children. His work ethic, education, and leadership continue to form the base of Straw to Bread’s efforts to increase food security for the members of Bethlehem Home.