To bring hope, friendship, and resources to our Kenyan partners living on the Nyakach Plateau to enable them to achieve their vision of health and sustainability.


This Luo community will have the sustainable physical, educational, and spiritual nourishment necessary to live fruitful and loving lives, achieved through our long-term friendship grounded in the goodness, power, and love of God.




  • We value a partnership that will achieve the best possible physical, educational and spiritual quality of life for this community, grounded in the goodness, power, and love of God.
  • We value a lifelong, redemptive relationship with this community in which we learn and grow from our successful and failed strategies.
  • We value personal involvement of Americans with Kenyans in order to sustain a long-term partnership that has its foundation in face-to-face relationships and personal experience of the community’s needs and goals.
  • We value the inclusion and education of American and Kenyan students in forming a model of grass-roots involvement with a local African community and pragmatic solidarity with the poor.
  • We value the use of intellectual knowledge and research activity in order to make our service as useful as possible and our stewardship of funds as responsible as possible.