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As we are celebrating the infinite potential of girls and nurturing that power within, I think it is much needed time for an update!

Mothers On the Move Transports as of August 2019 
Total transports to Sigoti Health Center and St. Joseph's Nyabondo Hospital2,000+!

As of today, Mothers On the Move has brought 864 girls AND boys into the world. Let’s empower them from the day they are born with a healthy start to life!!!!!

While MOM has made a significant contribution over the last four years to helping over 800 women become mothers after 9 months, there are still more than 800 women dying from preventable complications related to pregnancy and childbirth EACH. DAY.

99% of these deaths occur in developing countries where accessibility – such as the availability and quality of services, the financial means to afford said services, and in many circumstances transport to nearby clinics and hospitals (as is the case on the Nyakach Plateau) – makes “becoming a mother” THE most dangerous endeavor in a woman’s life.

From the start, these expectant women and their unborn girls (AND boys!) are already subject to structural violence that will hinder them from living the life that they so deserve.

MOM aims to provide transportation for women to safer delivers. But by doing so, we ALSO want to wish girls and boys a healthy start to life with equal opportunities for growth, education, freedom, energy, leadership, and endless creativity. We want to empower, foster, and support mothers and their children to break this cycle of discrimination and violence.

Help us do so by donating through the link below.

TOGETHER we can decrease those “more than 800 a day” and increase those “happily forever after’s”!

To donate:

  • Please follow http://www.strawtobread.org/donate/
  • Fill out your billing information
  • Click “Review Donation and Continue”
  • Click “Add special instructions to the seller” and specify that your donation is for Mothers On the Move
  • Please include your email address and home address so that we can keep you updated regarding our progress in Kenya!
  • To our friends in Europe: if you prefer using direct banking, we now have our own Mothers On the Move account. Please send your donation to NL36 ABNA 0536 1424 83 and make it out to Mothers On the Move!

Kenya 2012 - Part V 101

Erikamano (thank you).





I just received an email from my friend in Kenya telling me about 25 year-old Alice Atieno who suffered life threatening complications during her delivery but made it to St. Joseph’s Nyabondo Hospital just in time thanks to Mothers On the Move.

To those of you that have been a part of our movement (by donation, prayer, whatever!), the following words are for YOU!

Jasper Oluoch writes, “Having witnessed the great work you do in saving lives, I personally take this opportunity to thank you for this awesome initiative. You have surely moved from the narrow confines of individualism to the greater needs of humanity. Indeed as we write the historical chapters of Kenya, your contribution will forever remain as lasting footprints in the sands of time and dearly engraved in our hearts as a reminder for the higher calling.”

Thank you for helping us celebrate women not just today but every day 😀

I hope these words will also be a reminder for you (as they were for me) of “the bigger picture” and what our purpose in life should look like.

I’ll be spending today celebrating our newest mom Alice, the rest of our ladies on the Nyakach Plateau, and the incredible committee of strong women involved in keeping this project running in Kenya!!!

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As of December 1st, we have transported 743 women to happy and healthy deliveries at Sigoti Health Center and St. Joseph’s Nyabondo Hospital!!!

This is all thanks to the generous support of our friends and donors all over the world. We now even have an ongoing partnership with the Hubertus & Berkhoff Culinaire Vakschool in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (http://www.hubertusberkhoff.nl/nieuws/hubertus-berkhoff-in-actie-voor-mothers-on-the-move)!

14-16 year old students in this vocational school are learning how to run a business by cooking for and serving customers in the school’s restaurant, and NOW.. they are also learning about the importance of serving their world.

For every carafe of water that is ordered, Mothers On the Move’s story will be shared and customers will be asked to donate 1 euro. This project has been a great succes so far and is going to help many women experience safe deliveries (we will reveal the total amount when the fundraiser ends next summer!).

We also have some new projects beginning in Maastricht, the Netherlands as well as continuing in Waco, Texas, and now we are just waiting to see how YOU want to get involved 🙂


This program is growing in ways we never expected and we are so excited to continue to do so as we return to Kenya this June. Our ideas include:

  • Also providing transportation for mothers before and after deliveries (for prenatal care visits, baby checkups, etc)
  • Buying vehicles for transport instead of only using our existing piki piki/dirt bike system (I think our laboring mothers will appreciate that!)
  • If we are VERY lucky with donations, providing transportation to everyone in need of healthcare on the Upper Nyakach Plateau
  • And much much more!

We will keep you updated as to our progress, but until then.. “kwaheri’ (goodbye!) and don’t forget to “kwam gweth magi” (count your blessings) as we approach the holidays.

In this season of giving, we hope you will consider the gift of just $10 to help bring an expectant mother to the hospital for a healthy delivery (some of you may have noticed the slight increase in price from before, but this is also to give our mothers a meal during this special time of the year).

Maybe you’re running out of ideas for Christmas gifts? Here is the opportunity to give a gift that will bring new life into the world and make for a wonderful start to 2017!

Please help us get to the 1,000 mark in the New Year!

With many thanks,






We just received Mothers On the Move’s report and have officially transported almost 700 WOMEN to health centers for safer deliveries in rural western Kenya!

One of the women transported was pregnant with twins in the breech position. Without MOM, Quenter would have had to walk more than 3 miles to the nearest health center WHILE IN LABOR. She would not have made it, would have tried to deliver at home or with a traditional birth attendant, and she might not have the beautiful family in the photo below.

I am SO grateful to those that have believed in this program and donated just $6 to transport an expectant mother to a hospital for skilled delivery care.

If you want be a part of Quenter’s story and help us “move more,” please visit http://www.strawtobread.org/mothers-on-the-move/ to see how YOU can get involved!

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Happy Mother’s Day from our MOMs to YOURS!


Mothers On the Move (MOM) has some exciting news to share: As of today, we have transported 459 women to nearby health centers for safer deliveries!

This is something to celebrate in a country with a high maternal mortality as a result of many barriers to health services.

With a woman dying every minute from preventable complications related to childbirth, we are grateful for and humbled by the support we have received to help so many enjoy the privilege of motherhood.

Just last month, Grace Achieng came to Sigoti Health Center with serious complications during delivery. MOM further transported her to St. Joseph’s Nyabondo Hospital, where she safely delivered a beautiful baby girl!

Grace is one of the many women for whom MOM has made a difference. To continue spreading the joy of motherhood we need your help. For this Mother’s Day, would you consider all of the mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters in your life and make a donation to Mothers On the Move in their name?

For just $6, you can help transport a woman to skilled birth attendants and quality care. Please visit http://www.strawtobread.org/mothers-on-the-move/ to help us celebrate MOMs and “MOVE” MORE!

Please see the Waco Tribune article that features MOM at: http://www.wacotrib.com/news/higher_education/baylor-senior-starts-program-to-provide-transportation-help-to-pregnant/article_33358b8b-a908-55c7-ab2a-29cfc031bc0c.html.

Read the story of MOM as told by Jolene here: http://www.strawtobread.org/mothers-on-the-move-by-jolene-damoiseaux/.

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