Mama Faith’s Sickness


Pastor Habil’s wife, lovingly called “Mama Faith” by the team, had a life-threatening encounter with cerebral malaria. The lack of accessible health care (BEFORE Bethlehem Home Hospital was opened) made the experience terrifying for her family. We are happy that Mama Faith recovered, and we are glad that there is now dependable health care in their rural community, thanks to the opening of our hospital in 2016. This is the story, as told by Pastor Habil:

Dearest Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,

It was a sad evening at 4:30pm East African time on 14th November, 2014 when I had left home to go and visit one of our elders. Before I could go far, there was a call over my phone. I picked up the phone from my pocket and listened to it. Over the phone, I was told to run home quickly because Mama Faith could not talk. She had gone in the morning to do some shopping in her small shop. But late in the afternoon, one of her friends with whom she shops had died and was brought home for burial on Saturday. She decided to go and pay her last respect to the family.

When she left there, Mama Faith got lost. She did not know where she had come from, even before she left the shop. She did not close the doors of her shop. Mama Faith came home through ways and means that we could not know. I reached the home and found her in bed talking to her own things. I prayed for her and she continued with her funny talks. I decided to take her to the hospital. By that time Mama Faith was becoming as if she was to leave us.

Oliver [Habil’s son] sold a piece of his land, went for a loan with Robert [another son], and they bought a car. That car was our savior to reach the hospital at Nyabondo [the nearest hospital at the time]. Reaching Nyabondo, there was no doctor neither nor the clinical officer [the health care provider second in command to physicians, who often run rural medical clinics]. I was terrified and I said Mama has to leave us. After two hours a good Samaritan of a Clinical Officer, who was off duty, came passing and I had to ask him in tears to help. She agreed, clerked the patient and took her to the ward. At the casualty, the tests were done. She was found suffering from cerebral malaria. They gave her a drip and pushed her to the ward. In the ward there were no nurses to put the drip on until 8:00pm. I was also getting confused, but later it was put on.

The first drip with quinine did nothing and made the condition worse. On Saturday Mama Faith was no person. She could not talk, could not open her eyes, there she was. On Sunday at 4:00pm, the 4th drip of quinine stopped. Mama Faith’s eyes were opening. I called her and she responded by opening her eyes. At 12 noon Mama Faith could see. She is going on improving now on treatment of quinine. I thanked my God so much for taking care of Mama Faith. The hospital at Nyabondo from Saturday got full to the brim with people wanting to know the condition and coming to pray for her. God gave Mama Faith her life again. I believe she is going to be much better.

I saw the need for our Community Health Center. I saw why we die through lack of the facilities and personnel. I saw the need of drugs. I saw the need of solutions. I saw the need of resources that we lack at the hospital in Kenya. Brothers and sisters, please, please think about donating some small money that you have to save lives here. We lose people of God because our poverty. There are people here who cannot be able to run to the hospital and even if they did there is no money to pay for services. Our God knows the answer of all these. Pray for us as Mama Faith struggles to recover well. Pray for our family because they really tossed about in their faiths.

May God be with you.


Pastor Habil