Katie Benjamin

Everyday brought new opportunities: a chance to meet a friendly face, see a child smile, or hear someone laugh with joy. Everyday also brought new challenges: climbing down the plateau and climbing back up again, trying to communicate in a strange new language, or seeing an incredibly sick child with his or her mother waiting in line to be treated. However, on my journey to Kenya, one thing was guaranteed: a knock on the door, bright and early every morning. This knock was accompanied by the kind voice of Pastor Habil, motivating everyone to promptly wake up for the new day. Yet, it wasn’t until after I returned to the States, that I realized the true significance of this simple gesture.

Hidden within the action of knocking on my door every morning was hope in its most perfect form. This hope was neither just one man’s hope that our efforts on the plateau made a lasting, positive impact, nor was this hope one man’s desire for each individual on this mission to undergo a spiritual breakthrough. This hope represented an entire community’s faith in seeing a better tomorrow.

-Katie Benjamin- Baylor ’13