High Priorities for 2018

See our “Wish List”  for a more complete list including many other opportunities.  

  1. Help sponsor one of the twelve teachers at BHA — salary is $1000 for the year.  Help sponsor our terrific head teacher, Justus–salary is $4000 for the year. 
  2. Help to sponsor a BHA orphan for one year ($300 includes tuition, uniform, one meal a day, medical insurance) and/or a BHA graduate who is going to secondary school ($750 covers tuition, room and board).


  3. “Raise the Roof” for a home and provide ventilation for indoor cooking fires — $50
  4. Contribute to our three community gardens this year — $800 in expenses
  5. Donate on our crowd-funding site for “Threaducation” Click here
  6. Give $10 to “Mothers on the Move” to help one pregnant woman get to the hospital to deliver her baby.
  7. How about helping to build a mortuary? $105,000 (Not as fun as sponsoring a cute kid, but needed to keep the hospital open)
  8. MOM and the hospital could use a motorcycle ambulance with a sidecar that is a stretcher. Cool, huh? $5500

Bethlehem Home Hospital

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