Habil’s Third Letter

Dearest friends at Baylor University.

Our almighty God the father who brought you safely to Kenya when you crossed many Oceans, Mountains, Rivers and all the dangerous, cool weather in the atmosphere, must be given the first chance for “thank you.” We all thank God for doing that to you and for us who got your loving kindness services and the associations we had together. What a wonderful time friends you had with us in Kenya? We will not forget you. You are so dear and precious in our lives. We love you so much but our God the almighty loves your caring services attitudes, your smiles and you as people.Rest assured that we are praying for you to do well at Baylor a cademically and spiritually too. We are also praying for your hourable return to this part of Kenya. You may forgive us for any bad things you saw because we are human beings we could make silly mistakes. Thank you all brothers and sisters. I am still asking you to send all your names through Mama Lisa for our prayer list at Bethlehem Home. We remember many of you but not all. On behalf of all those people who have talked to me and asked me to convey to you their appreciations. I want close to say THANK YOU ALL..

Yours in Christ

Pastor Habil

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