Habil’s Second Letter

Dearest sons and daughter in Christ,

I am so delighted about you as sons and daughters in Christ. I am so happy in Christ Jesus because He has given me sons and daughters in Him who I believe pray for me and my family. I feel surrounded by the Spirit of God even when you are away from Kenya. I feel your presence with me all the time when I recall the beautiful days you took with me and with the Bethlehem Home Elders. Everyone still feels your presence. It was indeed a challenge to see young people coming from very far to come and help the poor and the needy people of Kenya. The impression that you created has earned me a good name. I am proud about you my sons and daughters. We pray all the time on Tuesdays under that shade for you.

We need to hear that you are doing excellently well at the college. Your testimonies should pull many to Christ and even make many to decided to come to Kenya next summer. I remember vividly well my last time with you at the door steps in Masai Mara in front of my tent. That day was a wonderful day I will not forget. I believe you took our needs back home. We need seriously fee for the students to go to University, colleges and tailoring. We received the good news from Cathy Orso that she would pay for two students.. We hope the two will join in September 2009.

I have not heard about those intending to go for polytechnics and universities. I believe God will open their ways. I just wanted to know how your parents and churches reacted towards your information that you took to them. Were they happy? I hope they were happy.

I know you are already back to the college at Baylor. Baylor University now becomes a leading University in Kenya mostly to orphans and Elders at Bethlehem Home. We owe the staffs, the administration, the students and everyone who is there a lot of respect. That College contains committed staff, students and the workers. May God make Baylor the best college in U.S.A.

I have written to Mama Lisa and I know she had told you my feeling about you. Some of you have left a remarkable record in Kenya. Sara’s name goes around like fire as many testify about her. Nick’s achievements spread much among the students, Charity a wonderful lady has her name spread so much among the elders. She took a long time with the elders in the kitchen.. Your names are wonderful. My sons, Oliver, Rogers and Martin both know you one by one by your names. They have told the church that some of you had written to them telling them that you arrived well. That made us so happy.

We look upon you for the future at Bethlehem Home. You are the corner stone of this project. Keep on passing the message. We need to build a school, a guest house and a clinic. Kindly do not get weary about sharing that me sage with others for help. Mama Lisa alone cannot do it. But I believe that if all of us put our heads together we can do it. What we should do is to pray about it, share the messages without any shyness then God will do it. I quite believe that none of you may stay back without coming. I need to shake your hands and hug one another at the airport in Kisumu. I dream of seeing smiling faces coming to greet me. May our Father keep you alive until that day.

Could you kindly share with me the reports from your parents and churches. I want to hear about their reactions about your trip to Kenya. Please send me your E-mails individually, I want to thank Mama Lisa because she sent me all your Email addresses. I will now write to you individually. God be with you my sons and daughters in Christ Jesus. We are all fine. You can read the report about the Bethlehem Home that I had sent. I remain waiting for your E-mails.

Ever in Christ’s Service

Pastor Habil Ogolla

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