Habil’s First Letter

Dearest Sister in Christ,

Warm greetings to you all in USA. We are fine in the Lord Jesus. We wish you the same life. The situation in Kenya is growing to be worse and I felt I should brief you a little about it. The orphans and the elders are in good health. Hunger is biting in Kenya seriously as I told you that even animals are dying. In our distrust God is good the animals still have what to feed on and other animals too. But human beings are finding the situation to be unbearable. They miss anything to feed on for days. It is a national disaster as our president has declared it. The central bank has come out and we understand it has given money for food. Kindly pray for those in Kenya who are really in a terrible condition. They have no food and water. Lives have been lost through this.

God is omniscience. He knows all things before man can thing about them. I fail to understand how those orphans and elders would be it were not because of you friends. I witness very serious condition of other orphans and elders around who are not our members. I looked at them and shade tears. I should have lost many mostly the orphans who are still young and are growing. The elders are a little better because of age even if they die. The food you give us has been like manna in the wilderness as Mother Lisa Baker had put it. Every time I get up in the morning I don’t get stressed up with the orphans and the elders condition because all the time I find them in mood and happiness. Although I do give little put praise the Lord, every time they don’t miss to bite something before going to bed. My gate is full from morning to evening with orphans and elders who are not our members just wait to gate crush anytime they see our members are being fed.

I find it so serious in my life and I just leave them to sit with us together. Our members are also very sympathetic to their fellow friends such that they divide a little food any orphan who is in terrible condition. If a person has taken three days or four days without food, that person has no shame in himself or herself, they grab food just like an hungry dog. I am sorry for the situation and what we are witnessing.

However our members are happy and they sometime sing the names of you. Our God is good. I am trying up and down to use the food economically as much as possible. These are types of food we feed on.

– Backed rice

– Backed beans

We take strong tea or porridge in the morning and take late lunch at 3.pm I do that because of the price of food. If we take lunch, supper and breakfast the money cannot take us through the month. We are becoming use to it and we can survive well. The difficult situation again is where to buy the food. That means I have to be on the look out so that I liaise with any shopkeeper who has received any stock for sale so that I can purchase from him.

The rains have started and it has rained now for three days. We will do our plantation in February 2009. I did not buy the fertilizers, manure, seeds, ploughing and others because of the prices of food and it has been a big priority in our life.  The prices have gone so high that I could not have any little money left for that, the elders have tried and some had to dig with our encouragements. They will plant the small garden dug.

So when you read about the situation in Kenya, do not think we are under a bad God. Our members are in good health, pray for us and to all members of the St. John’s Episcopal Church who sacrifice to send us their food.  Pray for those in Kenya who are in dear need of food at this time. Even around our city Nairobi, the condition is worse about food, it has forced the government to bring flour of two categories. One for the poorest and the other for the rich, but again where to find them and buy them are not there.

According to peace in Kenya, we have peace just like before the violence.

God bless you all.

Yours in Christ Jesus

Pastor Habil

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