There are currently 25 Bethlehem Home Elders. The Elders are chosen by Pastor Habil Ogola after consultation with district leaders of the village in which each Elder candidate lives. Most Elders are the primary caretakers of at least one Bethlehem Home Orphan. In addition to caring for children, Elders also weave baskets, make pots, plant and harvest Bethlehem Home gardens, conduct small business, care for goats, volunteer at the Bethlehem-Kuoko Academy, pray for community members and tell stories to local children. 



 Dorcas Adhiambo
Mary Agembo
Turfena Agwa
Phoebe Akinyi
Peres Anjejo
Caren Ngere
Miriam Nwani
Hellen Nyako
Pamela Nyandiko
Shella M. Odongo
Pamella Odongo
Turfena Odongo
Rose Ogeno
Jenipher Okol
Florence Okoth
Mary Ondego
Silina Onyango
David Onyango
Hellen Onyango
Presila Orinda
Dosila Osodo
Wilfida Othim
Monika Ouma
Mary Owino
Rosebella Wasiru