2013 Annual letter

What a year it has been! This amazing web of relationships has provided medicine for another 1000 patients, 25 new rainwater harvesting systems, a pulse oximeter for a Kenyan hospital, school tuition for more than 75 children, a funeral tent, a Christmas party for the Bethlehem Home orphans, over 25,000 meals to our friends who would otherwise have nothing to eat, and much more.

Communicating the “much more” we’re talking about would cost a fortune in printing and postage. In keeping with our commitment to be good stewards of financial resources, you can read Straw to Bread’s 2013 Annual Report right here, right now

Thank you for your faithful support of Straw to  Bread and the Kenyan orphans and elders for whom we all care. Click here to view the 2013 Annual Report. 

A special thanks to Baylor student, Beth Uhlig who volunteered to design the 2013 Straw to Bread Annual Report.